Agent for Contemporary Art
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Creating, pooling and experiencing synergies
between artists and art lovers


"Synergy" (from the Greek word "synergía" = cooperation) describes the interaction of different forces to create an overall performance.
ArtSynergies is proof of my fascination and passion for contemporary art: artists and art lovers to be brought together in the context of various projects, ART offered to the wide public. My efforts are focused on exploring, reacting and creating spaces of encounter between an interested audience and the artists: the enthusiastic approach to the artworks becomes palpable, tangible, experienceable, the message of the works being further cherished.

360° ArtPromotion

At the center of my work is art - in the making, slowly maturing, often in secret. It is my goal and aspiration to increase the visibility of this process and its extraordinary and often touching results

What this is all about? - Rendering visible the awesome work of the artists.

How to go about it? – Read for yourselves ...

Organizing exhibitions

Projecting, planning and realizing individual or collective exhibitions also in cooperation with curators, museums, galleries and associations on a national and international level, for companies, hotels or private individuals.

Whatever your expectations and demands, one thing you can be sure of: the art event tailored to your needs is realizable!

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Introduction to the exhibition
Introduction to Kunst im Bau und am Bau exhibition of Hartwig Thaler, City Gallery Bressanone, 2017
Introduction to the exhibition
Introduction to the exhibition "Transformation" by Paula Regina Prugger, Raika Brunico, 2021

Art Advisory

mediation of works of art

assistance with purchase or rent

You are considering buying a piece of art? You are toying with the idea of renting a work of art to get a feeling for how it will affect you in your rooms?

You would like to set individual accents in your hotel or company by displaying art objects?

In joint discussions, studio visits and meetings with artists, your ideas become more and more tangible, are refined and finally realized.

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„L’occhio esterno“ by Wolfgang Zingerle, Murano Glass Week, Venedig 2018
„Angel“ by Paul dë Doss Moroder, “Nia mé maroca“ exhibition, St. Ulrich 2019
„How will we live with ourselve“ by Paul dë Doss Moroder, installation, Venice 2020
„Ce l’ho d‘oro“ by Ivan Lardschneider, Beniamin Eck Gallery, Munich 2018

Visiting artists‘ studios

Dare to take a look with me into the exciting world of the artists' studios! Be it small groups of art enthusiasts, a social event for your company, or guests from home and abroad eager to get to know South Tyrol's local art scene, I will be happy to accompany you!

The personal encounter with the artists directly at the place where their creativity unfolds, ensures lasting impressions and unforgettable memories.

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In the workshop of Ivan Lardschneider, Wolkenstein - Selva di Val Gardena, Italy
In the workshop of Ivan Lardschneider, Wolkenstein - Selva di Val Gardena, Italy

Fostering and using networks

According to the motto 'the whole is more than the sum of its parts', one of my main focuses is on creating a good network of artists and art lovers. These personal relationships, which I deeply care about, allow cleverly coordinated and tailored collaborations. This fertile ground gives rise to unique synergies which all partners involved benefit from.

In the studio of Joana Vasconcelos, Lisboa 2019
In the studio of Joana Vasconcelos, Lisboa 2019

About me

Sabrina Fortarel

Artsynergies is me, Sabrina Fortarel. Working as a freelance art advisor, I have been fortunate enough to turn my fascination for contemporary art into a profession: targeted promotion, personal support and advice, qualified assistance with the purchase or rent of artworks are my offers to artists and art lovers -present and future- alike.

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Sabrina Fortarel

39040 Varna (BZ) - Italy

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Sabrina Fortarel

39040 Varna (BZ) - Italy

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